Thursday, 27 February 2014


This is probably the sweetest idea for a sewing challenge I seen and I'm so getting involved.
All of the details are here on Sarah's blog but in a nut shell its a challenge to create a Roisin (Dolly Clackett) style dress in which she will ultimatly judge and theres loads of amazing goodies to be won. In my book Roisin is the queen of quirky print selection and the most talented seamstress when it comes to dresses.
I've got a few ideas in mind but it seems like narrowing down the fabric choice is top of most peoples dilemas!
Oh and remember to use #sewdollyclackett over on twitter.
Are you joining in??

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Mad Men Challenge 2014....

I lusted after the makes in this challenge for the past two years so this time I'm in!
I sway more towards loving Betty's amazing dresses, but theres some pretty lovely ones that Joan and Peggy swish around in too....oooh the possibilities. These are my favourites at the mo...

Want to join in too? Head on over to Julia Bobbins blog for all the info!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Dress for the crazy cat lady....

If you follow me on twitter you would have already seen me get hold of some amazeballs cat fabric (thats actually upholstery fabric) and decide to throw caution to the wind and just go ahead and make a dress out of it, so here it is in all it's glory....

I picked this fabric up out of a freebie box at work and thats a good job, check out that price tag!....

I had about 2 meters of the stuff too. This did make me pause for a bit to make sure I was making the most of it, but then I thought hey I would NEVER buy this and seeing as I didnt part hard earned cash for it I took a gamble on the dress.

The fabric is pretty sturdy but not overly thick and its only velvety where the cats are, the black part was more like a thick cotton drill.

I chose to make another Deer and Doe Belladone for the dress pattern as the skirt is nice and simple and the bodice doesnt have too many darts going on. I adjusted the back bodice so it was just two parts rather than the usual 4 with a gap.

I didnt have enough fabric to pattern love lost.

Look how cute those kitties are!!

Overall I'm really pleased with how this dress turned out, I suppose I have a £200 dress now?!
and seeing as I have a duvet dress and now an armchair/curtain type dress I think it's safe to say experimenting with any fabrics is a good idea :)
Have you made any pieces with non fashion fabrics?

Monday, 17 February 2014

My new brother....

No, no new members of the family popping out...something much more exciting! 
Up popped a Groupon offer I couldn't resist this week. My new brother sewing machine :)

I love my Singer but it's in great need of some rest and recuperation...the bobbin winder doesn't wind, the tension has a mind of it's own and it's getting a bit grumbly. The cost of getting all of that sorted was pretty much the same as a new machine so look what option won out...

It's a pretty basic machine, but more than enough for the level of sewing I'm at and I'm so excited to have a machine that sews button holes, has somewhere to put the extra spool for the twin needle, has some pretty stitch selections and doesn't stop with a clunk every now and then when the tension goes mental. 

I spent the weekend giving it a proper test run, testing out the stitches and button holes (erm those need some practice)

It came with quite a few different feet and accessories too...

Most excitingly that twin needle! I've been dying to use one of these for ages..

I had a couple of sorbetto's to get through from my stash attack, a nice simple pattern to warm up the machine and they came out a treat, I love how smooth everything felt and such a difference in noise too! I think i'm going to get on with my new brother just fine :)

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Stash attack....

I have a little trip to Goldhawk road planned for the end of March (squeeee!) which means I need to make space for all of the amazingness I'm going to be splurging on.
I've got fabric in my stash that I know I really want to use, just not sure how, stuff I'm sick of the sight off, and bits and bobs that are just all unorganised and have no purpose. This needs fixing!
So last night I got it all out onto the table and sorted through that stash!
I know have nicely folded fabric assigned to a pattern and ready to sew..

and a nicely organised, whole box of fabric peices suitable for facings and pockets and maybe even bias binding (should I find a spare few hours)

I feel so much better after a good old sort out. What also makes me feel better is when I get post delivered at work...

It's still under my desk waiting to be picked up tomorrow and taken home...hurry up weekend!!