Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Funki Fabrics Lace top....

Lost at the bottom of my stash drawer, I came across this piece of bright pink lace and remembered it was part of my stash sent from Funki Fabrics. I chose it with thoughts of using it as an overlay for a sweetheart neckline dress last winter. I should have gone for black though as I soon realised a bright pink dress with lace wasn't really something I was going to wear, nice idea though, this lace is really stretchy so it would be good to use as an overlay without needing to add darts etc.

I decided to keep this simple, it's a fussy enough fabric to begin with. I used the Grainline Scout Tee pattern as a base and made a few alterations to make it sleeveless, high neck and have a key hole at the back. 

That worked out ok, but I should really give it a better press so you can't see the bias binding I used at the opening, whoops.

I underlined the lace with a pink cotton but I think it's a bit too stiff for this top. It makes it pull funny at the sides as there pretty much no drape to it

The insides are a visual disaster. I was impatient and instead of waiting to buy some matching bias binding I just used bits of left overs. 

Un-matching hideousness alert!...

Not the best make ever but I did wear it as part of #mmmay the other day so theres win there I suppose....

I think I could do with going back to basics with a couple of top patterns and really getting the fit right, I seem to have gone off piste a couple of times and they've been a bit rubbish. Colette Sorbetto I'm coming for you!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Pattern Testing: Bonnell Dress....

A few weeks ago I did a bit of pattern testing. Dixie put a call out and I jumped at the chance to give her new pattern, the Bonnell dress, a go. I love Dixie's patterns, in particular her Ballet dress which I've made far too many versions of to remember but the latest version being this stripy number.

Anyways, Dixie had blogged about this new pattern and I really liked her gorgeous version of this dress so was more than happy to give it a go myself. 
I picked up this nautical cotton on my latest Goldhawk Rd trip and used some white indian cotton for the lining.

This pattern is a pretty summer dress with a high front neckline and v back. It has a gathered skit WITH pockets (yasss!) and cut cutout detail at the waist (I named these my tickle holes but just as I'm writing it that sounds all kinds of wrong....)

I really love the bodice shape with the high round neck line. This would lend itself so well to some amazing print fabric as it's so simple.

I like the v back but didn't get my zip quite right, it probably just needs hand stitching at the edges so they don't poke up but I'd like to try and get this sewn in under the lining some how, it might need a bit of thought as the lining gets stitched in and down with the waist band... 

The pattern instructions are great and I love that the info for how to add a lining is all included, I did miss out the dreaded hand stitching of the bodice lining at the waist though, that's what stitching in the ditch is for surely?! 
Overall I really like this dress, I'm thinking of making another and omitting the "tickle holes"  (I'm just going with it) as I really like the bodice and waist band.

It's even got slightly warmer over this bank holiday weekend so I squeezed this dress into my me made may wears yesterday, thank you Dixie!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

#MMMay15 Days 15-21...


 Unblogged eyelet scout variation-blog post coming soon, expect the top to look a little different by then....

Tilly Miette and Polka dot Plantain



Frankendress, finger knit necklace and Pavot coat


 Week 3 thoughts...

   I managed to photograph all of my clothes this week, yey me! I didn't manage to photograph them all on me but hey, details.
I admitted defeat and put my tights back on this week,  I'm not happy about that, tights are for winter and mid May is NOT winter however this does mean that I get to wear a few more things than I would usually. I have a few dresses and skirts that I wouldn't really wear with bare legs. I tend to make my summer dresses a couple of inches longer and when I wear them with tights it feels a bit frumpy and if I try to wear the winter ones without they feel way too short...oh the trauma! So anyway, tights means I got to wear my spring Anna today and I think it might be it's last outing, there's a tear under the arm, buy the side zip, that's been sewn up at least 3 times already. I'm blaming the cheap fabric choice and possibly my terrible first try at a side zip. Lessons learned.
So next week is the last of Me Made May?! It's gone sooo fast! Fingers crossed for better weather (as always)

Thursday, 14 May 2015

#MMMay15 Days 8-14....


It was raining and I spent pretty much most of the day in doors sewing, woop! I was wearing some unblogged Sew Over It Ultimate trousers (which need a lot of adjustments when I find the time) and a stripey Plantain but you'll just have to take my word for it!




Colour block Scout and finger knit necklace

Week 2 thoughts...

I'm still not really doing me made 'outifts'.Which is mainly to do with the weather, it's that funny in between where it's not quite cold enough for tights (well not for me, it makes it feel like it's still winter and I can't do that in May) but not quite warm enough for bare legs either-this means I'm not wearing any skirts so I haven't been mixing it up with my me made tops. Maybe nearer the end of May.
I'm noticing I have a big gap in me made clothes for my bottom half, in particular trousers. This isn't something I want to delve into too much, I don't fancy trying to make my own jeans but I did have a go at some sew over it Ultimate Trousers (and wore them without taking a photo) which I would love to have another go at. I think once I get the fit right (they need to come in on the legs a bit more and I need to find a fabric with just the right amount of stretch) I could make up a denim and black pair that I'd want to wear quite a bit....

Thursday, 7 May 2015

#MMMay15 Days 1-7....

A week already?! 
I decided not to post my pics all over the internet every day this year but just stick with weekly blog posts, no one needs to see my face that much in one week....


Oh yeah, I spent the first few days of MMMay swanning around in the glorious sunshine in beautiful Dubrovnik (have you been? Oh me oh my I loved it, if you haven't been then go!) The bonus of this was that I got to squeeze this next make into the mix...




This was my first day back to work after our trip away and the bank holiday weekend, I had a squillion emails to deal with and ran home to cry on the sofa about not still being on holiday....I couldn't find time between typing and crying to take a photo but I was wearing this Hazel dress...promise



Week 1 thoughts....

I didn't really put much effort in this week, it was more a case of get up -put on dress-go. My pledge sort of had a bit of an emphasis on 'outfits' so I need to try and gather myself and mix and match those bits in my me made wardrobe.
I think I much prefer not posting my pics every day and I managed to not have to take a toilet selfie once! ....bonus points to me.