Thursday, 28 January 2016

2016 Destash #2.....

Just a quick one here as I don't have much more to say about making more pants that I haven't already

I had a meter of navy stripe jersey to play with out of my stash. This was actually left overs from a Dixie Ballet dress.

I have enough stretch tops at the mo and I didn't have enough for a long sleeve Plantain so I decided on some more pants and vest. Although once I got going I just went for 3 pairs of pants instead, you can never have too many!

I used Zoe's patterns same as last time and I already had some navy FOE from when I went a bit crazy with all of the colours on ebay.

This set came together super quick as Zoe's instructions are great, if you haven't yet go and make some of your own, this is really good for using up jersey scraps.

That's it really, just proof that I am working through that stash!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

2016 Destash #1 .......

Not my first make of the year but the first I've taken any pics of so it'll do!
I made a little dent in my stash pile! yey! 
I used up some of the black and white gingham but not quite in any way I had planned. The thing is, I had planned to make a dress with this that I probably wouldn't be able to wear until late Spring at least and I'm going to get bored of waiting so in comes lovely little top I can wear right away!

It's yet another Scout Tee but this time with an added gathered peplum, just for a bit of interest. 
The fabric is gingham cotton from Ditto, I love the quality of this fabric, so smooth and easy to sew and press.

For the peplum I just chopped about 5 inches off the bottom of the shirt back and front bodice pieces and cut a long strip that width (plus seam allowances) to add back on at the end. I didn't want this to be over gathered so I measure the width of the top and added another 5 inches or so. This gives the peplum just enough excess to be noticeable but not too much that it's like having a tutu attached to the bottom of your top.

I took my time with the neck binding, an area I always find a little tricky on the Scout because it get's so small and fiddly and I ALWAYS burn my fingers a bit on the heat from the iron seeping through the board, worth it for a neat finish though!

Not much more to say about this top that I haven't done so on my million other scouts I've worn this already and it'll be a favourite until it's worn out I'm sure. 

Oh, I also remembered to use my new Nominette labels and they look so cute! 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Paw prints.....

I started this little project back at the start of December, yes it has taken me this long to actually get it finished. I obviously don't claim to be a fast knitter, I'm actually not even a good knitter, I've made the odd scarf here and there but I won't be venturing into the world of hats or cardigans or anything that ventures further than k1, p1. 

This project popped onto my to do list after following up on a cute little tweet from Battersea Dogs and Cats home. They actually run a knitting club (#knittedkittens) which involves knitting whilst in the company of many kitties!! Unfortunately they are obviously all based in London and that makes it a bit difficult to pop to but if you can't make it you can also download their doggie blanket knitting pattern and make your own at home. Theres even a pattern for knitted mice for the kitties! 
I should probably say here that I haven't been asked to plug this at all, but why wouldn't you follow all of those cute dog and cat faces and why oh why wouldn't you take up the opportunity to provide a cute little blanket for a cute little doggie?!

I have a big old bag of wool and I have all of my Nan's old knitting needles to I thought I'd give this a go. The pattern is really simple and gives you the choice to do a a few different patches which include little paw print patterns! CUTE. I did a few of these, not sure they turned out that great but if you squint you can totally see that paw print!.....

I planned on just doing one or two squares per day, just something to do whilst watching the TV for half hour r so in the evening but then Christmas happened and I sort of got a bit behind, but any way 'tis finally finished and I think it's not too bad! Hopefully some little doggie will enjoy snuggling down for the night on it.

So if you have some spare wool and can just about knit a few rows together you should totally give this a go! 
I might have to make another just to keep this one quiet....

Why is that not for meeee??

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Stash plans...

So after saying that clearing my stash is something I really need to do before filling my boxes with any more fabric I thought I would put a few ideas down on the old blog to get me motivated. I have a lot of Pinterest boards and I love using them but sometimes I need to pick out the ideas relvant to each make as I forget what's been inspiring me. These are the main pieces from my stahs and I thought I'd make a start on these before moving onto smaller and more obscure pieces. So here they are...

Fabric stash: 2m Giant black and white check cotton

I've been lusting after this dress from Laura Ashley for a while. I can't remember if it's from last summer or the year before? You never really come across giant check fabric so when I found some I grabbed a couple of meters straight away. In hindsight I probably should have gone for 3m so I could get a nice full skirt out of it but 2 is what I have so I'm thinking of the BHL Anna bodice and more of an A line skirt rather than gathered. Also I'd quite like to make this up to wear over tights so I'll go a bit shorter than knee length, maybe with a deep hem if I have enough fabric so I can turn it down in the summer. 

                (source)                                                                                    Hobbs

This Hobbs version is pretty gorgeous too, I love the waist ties, lets see how far that 2m stretches.

Fabric Stash: Double duvet baby blue gingham

This piece is a lovely old duvet that my auntie gave me last year. It used to be my cousins, I love that it'll have a bit of sentimental value. The cotton is so soft and considering it's been well used for many years it's in top notch condition. I'm going in for a Simplicity 2588 like this one. Also just like this ModCloth dress...

I love how this opens up the potential for different directions of print, very cute.

Fabric Stash: 2.5m black and white check
2 different sizes

Oh it would appear I have a gingham obsession! 

I spied someone wearing this dress from Joy last year and l
loved it. It's made to look like a skirt and top but is joined underneath. I'm not sure that's something I'll try to emulate, the bit I love is the use of two different sizes of print. I'm thinking of using Dixie's Bonnell dress without the cut outs. This will be more of a summer dress but I might just make it up soon just to get the stash out of the way, it'll be nice to have a new summer dress ready and waiting.

Fabric Stash: 2m Mustard polka dot 'crepe'

I say 'crepe' as I don't really think it is. That's what it was sold as but it's more just a shiny viscose, like a lining fabric. I'll learn my lesson about internet fabric shopping this year too. It's the type of fabric that I just know will be a bit of a nightmare to work with and probably be a bit sweaty to wear if it's a top of any kind. I might just put this back in the stash to use as an actual lining, maybe for a new blazer?

Fabric Stash: 1m Navy stripe jersey

This ones easy, I'm making a vest and pants set. I love wearing these sets to bed. I already have the FOE so I just need to spare hour or so and I'll be away!

Fabric Stash: 1m Bird print viscose

Really not sure what to do with this one, the colour is a bit off. I love the bright orange birds but the grey background is a bit meh.....any ideas??

Fabric Stash: 1m Denim

This is left overs from my denim dress. I'm not really sure what to do with this one either, would I wear a denim top? what would you wear it with?? Denim Sorbetto??

Sunday, 10 January 2016

2016 Resewlutions....

Happy New Year to you all!

I thought I'd better get on with this post before February turns up, I seem to have blinked and missed 10 days already. 
The Christmas holidays were so nice, I had a proper digital detox and although I thought it might be a good time to get some sewing done I actually didn't get the machine out once. We were super lazy and it was perfect, just what we needed, no regrets. 

So it wasn't until this weekend that I decided to give the machine a clean and start to think about what new projects to get stuck into. 
Looking back over last years resewlutions I'm not sure that I really stuck to them, and there was only 3! 
Sewing for others: I did a bit of this but makes for me definitely still popped to the top of my to do list. You can see all of last years makes here, but I also made a few mens shirts, a few dresses and tops for my mum and some cute bibs for all of the new babies that turned up. 

Pattern variations: When I was sewing for me I was meant to be trying out some different versions of my favourite patterns, something I'm not sure I really got on with at all. I tended to stick to more TNT patterns and concentrated on bettering the fitting and finish which is no bad thing. 
Me Made May: Lastly I made sure I had enough to wear for MMM2015 and I found this challenge went really well, I'm really not sure how to up the challenge this year but we've got a few months to think about that one.

I don't think I really have any new resolutions regarding sewing this year, if anything I will be working on the same points as last year. 
I'm going to be making 3 bridesmaids dresses for my cousins summer wedding which I'm super excited about, if I time it all well enough I'll also be making a couple of the guests dresses and maybe a tie or two too, and I've even started off my first project of he year which is another shirt for Mr M so selfless sewing won't be a problem in 2016!.....

I must, must, must, make up some new pattern variations of my favourite dresses. Off the top of my head I'd like to try a short v-neck Anna, a sleeveless S1873 and a Bonnell without the cutouts. 
I think I could do with a little self imposed spending ban on fabric for a few months too. I've not got a huge stash but enough to be getting on with. I don't have the space to keep hold of loads of fabric bundles and I don't like how having a huge stash with no plans makes me feel either. I'm going to work on this little lot first of all...

I either want to make something from it or at least decide what it will be used for in the near future. if not then I'm going to de-stash it to someone else. I've got another drawer full of smaller pieces and I'll do the same with that too. I then only wan to buy fabric that is going to be used straight away.......I'll be interested to see if I can stick to this, I'm already trying to think of get out clauses! I need more will power!

I'm also going to make sure I get to know my sewing machine better. I'm pretty much self taught so rarely stray from what I know. My mind was blown back in November when I realised I had a 3 step zig zag function and could therefore use some nifty FOE and make up these pretty pants!

Only today I found out what this weird foot and attachment are for.....

Only bloomin' sewing on buttons!! 3 shirts and 3 shirt dresses later....oh well the next one will be a whizz! So yeah, read those instruction manuals, you never know what you might learn!

Happy 2016 sewing!