Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Time flies hey? Can you believe it's already nearly May, me neither. I'm sure I only just tidied away the Christmas decorations....
But no, the occasional sunshine and vaguely warmer days suggests that yes summer is edging closer...woop!

This means it's very nearly time for Me Made May! As always, if you want to know more you'll need to check out Zoe's post here. I've taken part for the last 3 years and always really enjoy it. 

It's great for noticing those gaps in your wardrobe and weeding out the clothes you just don't like to wear and clearly marking out the ones you love, and that you should probably plan on making again before it falls apart. After a think my pledge this year goes like this...

 'I, ZoĆ« of hellozoeb (blog and Instagram) , sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '16. I endeavour to wear at least one item of me made clothing  each day for the duration of May 2016 and to also make one new piece per week to add to my me made wardrobe. I'll be blogging my me mades weekly on the blog and (if I remember) will Instagram them too'

I added a making pledge the very first year I participated and if I remember rightly I stuck to it. At that point I didn't have a huge amount of me mades so it was a good time to add a few bits that I needed at the time. The past two years I didn't really need to add in a bit about makes as my me made wardrobe was pretty sizeable, but from the end of last summer I ended up having a bit of clear out of me mades that I just didn't wear or I didn't really like. Since then I've had a couple more chuck out sessions, which usually resulted in a few me made tops being sent to the recycling bin, usually the ones where I hadn't really taken the time to fit them properly or the fabric wasn't quite right, even though I would wear them all regularly it really was time to say goodbye. Now though I notice that I'm pretty low on my me mades and the majority are now only summer dresses. I do have other pieces but definitely not enough tops to see me through all the days I'll definitely be wearing jeans. I also looked back on my old me made photos and May really is an up and down month for the weather so I really can't bank on being able to wear all of those summer dresses. 

I think I'll concentrate on making tops, but don't be surprised if a dress edges it's way into the mix. I'm going to have a good think about what tops these might be, it'll be good to work through a bit of stash next month too.

So yeah, that's my pledge, are you getting involved this year?  

Friday, 1 April 2016


Easter weekend was full of pattern cutting and sewing, it was great, but none of it for me. I'm slap bang in the middle of making three bridesmaid dresses for my cousins wedding and I'm loving it!

I mean, I would obviously love to be sewing up dresses for me, as per, but I'm actually loving the challenge of producing some pretty dresses for 3 lovely ladies to wear on the 1st June. 
(Oh Em Gee that's sooon!!!)

So yes, three lovely ladies, all different shapes and sizes, all wanting something slightly different whilst still going along with the image the bride has in mind. I must admit at first I was a bit nervous but once we actually got down to business I realised it wasn't going to be too hard. 
First things first I met face to face with them all after they had had a massive try on session in some department stores. They established what styles they likes and suited and had a better idea of what they were after. Measurements taken I got to work on selecting patterns to use for each and made up some very attractive bed sheet toiles....

Lovely yellow check duvet dress anyone? 

I put in to practice the fitting skills I learned from an online Craftsy course (bought in the sale but I'd say totally worth every penny if you bought this full price) and am now getting to the stage where we have one pretty much complete and two just nearing the end of their toile life and getting ready to cut into the good stuff. I'm feeling on top of it all and still within good time and most importantly still enjoying it. Thsi all sounds very promising, I must remember to reread this post when I'm reaching peak stress in a couple of weeks!

So I suppose this is the reason for me not having many new things to blog about recently. I'm hoping to have these all finished in a few weeks and then hopefully I'll still have time to make my wedding guest dress, to be honest I'll MAKE time for that one after buying the most perfect fabric on Goldhawk Road last month. 

On another note, did you see it's time to get your pledges together for Me Made May?! Where the hell is time going?!