Tuesday, 24 May 2016

#MMMay16 Days 15-21....

A little late with my me mades from last week but here we go....

It's this dress again, NFG.

My new swan top got it's second outing too. Sadly, as with most of my viscose makes, the hem has gone a bit straggly after just one wash. I added a rolled hem using the machine foot and obviously didn't do a very good job as some fabric is fraying through it. I think I might need to go over it again or press and fold a bit more of a sturdy hem, maybe even using bias tape to enclose all that edging??

An oldie but still a goodie, this stripey Peony Peplum is really fading so it might be nearing the end of it's wardrobe life, but hey it's had a good one!

I don't think I ever blogged this sleeveless Plantain, I can't find it anywhere anyways. I used some left over stripe jersey and added a floral yoke to the back, It's not perfect (I won't close up the sleeve finishing) but it's wearable and I like it with jeans. 

It was warm enough to get another dress out of the summer storage, this time my chambray Hawthorne/Lilou mash up. This will be on constant rotation now if the weather allows.

Another top nearing the end of it's wardrobe life is this polka Plantain. It's getting a bit bobbly  under the arms, I'm sure I can stretch out a few more wears before I really have to ditch it though.

And ending on another wear of my rosey apply Scoutspring. 

I stuck to my pledge and did get another make in last week too, blog post to come....

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Me Made May 16 Make #2.....

Shocker! I went off top making piste and opted for a new dress!

My second May make is this rather lovely (in my opinion) Gingham Bonnell dress. 
This was on my list of things I must make again, so there's a big tick. This was also part of my stash busting plans, so another big tick. Things are looking good :)

This idea was based around thhis dress I saw on Pinterest from Joy. I love the mix of checks, but wasn't overly keen on the loose top part of the dress. I mean it's fine but I prefer, and it suits my figure more, for a waist to be fitted. 

Dixie's Bonnell was my first choice for this dress, without the tickle holes this time. I love the shape and fit of the bodice, the waistband and skirt with just enough gathers to still be flattering around the middle. I made all the adjustments I needed to my first pattern testing version so this was really quick to put together and I knew the fit would be good.

I used a very pretty exposed lace zip from Berylune. I think I need to stock up on these again actually, they make such a nice feature. I made once change which was to lower the pockets a few inches, their just slightly too high on my first version and it bugs me every time I wear it. 

Seems I've made this just in time to be able to think about going bare legged at work? Or do I wait just a few more weeks? Nah, I'll risk it. I'm so please with this, it ticked a lot of boxes and satisfies my recent gingham obsession. 
Look how happy (insane) I am about it all!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

#MMMay16 Days 8-14....

Week 2 done! Blimey, time really flies when you're documenting every day. This week was lovely, summer made an early appearance and we managed to get some good beach and sunshine time into our days, it makes me feel so happy. Although it also made me feel that I need to get some summer makes on the go before I miss it. Here's what I wore this week...

I got straight on with wearing my newest make, this sweet swan Sorbetto. 

I know I wore this one last week already but it really is a favourite, luckily I didn't mention anything about no repeats this year :)

This collar Scout tee hasn't been worn for a while. I really like the linen like fabric but it's a bit of a crumpler and probably could do with being ironed, I just really hate to iron. Perhaps I'll think about renewing this top and find something a little more washing machine friendly.

Yey, it was hot enough to get out the bag of summer dresses and this was my first choice. My Dixie Bonnell. This NEVER needs ironing and I love it. I was really pleased with my fabric choice and the fit is really good. Wearing this made me realise I need another of these pronto.

My lovely little gingham Scout. This could do with a couple more inches on the peplum but I'm really pleased with the fit and I managed a really neat neckline on this version.

One of my oldest makes, this pretty Sorbetto is still going strong. I still really love the colours in the print.

This Zeena dress was a bit of a disaster but the adjustments I made to the neckline mean it's wearable for a Sunday spent at home. Another pattern I really should take a second look at as I know it'll be a really good shape and style once I get the fit right.

I also snuck in my second May Make this week, and surprise surprise I deviated away from tops and back to dresses.....

Monday, 9 May 2016

Me Made May 16 Make #1....

As per pledge, this is my first make for the month. I've had a meter of this lovely swan print viscose in my stash for a while from Fabric Land and this weekend was the time to use it up. In need a few new tops for my wardrobe I went for the good old Colette Sorbetto. 
Such a great pattern for beginners but then a little looked over once you get into your sewing stride I feel. However, this is a really good summer staple, I've got a few of my first ones still on rotation. 

For this version I thought I'd go a little bit further and make my own bias binding for the neckline and sleeves. I bought a clover binding tool and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test it out. I used this tutorial and after a few head scratchy moments it wasn't too herd to decipher. The only problem I really had was cutting the original strips to the right width for the tool, I can't find the instruction paper that came with it so I'm not sure what exact width to use.

It ended up all going through fine but it wasn't until I used it that I realised it had sort of crumpled up in the middle in order for it to fit through, although I'm also not sure if that might have been due to the fabric? I might have to give this some practice with some nice crisp cotton to get the hang of it.

 It was still usable anyway so no love lost and I had made *just* enough.

The Sorbetto has a lovely little pleat detail on the front, for this version I decided to leave the pleat loose at the hem and to repeat the same for the back piece too. This gives it a lovely loose fit. To be honest looking at these photos I'm not sure it makes it the most flattering top but I really like how it feels so I know I'll still wear it loads. 

I'm really not sure what my next make it going to be, I know I originally wanted more tops but now the weathers heating up I know I wont be staying in jeans much...oh the dresses are calling me again!

Sunday, 8 May 2016

#MMMay16 Days 1-7....

So I managed 3 days into this years me made without remembering to document any of what I was wearing, good one, so this year I'll be taking pics of my outfits when they're all rumpled and worn and just lay them out on my bed, classy hey? Well, whatever, here's what I wore this week!.....

Navy polka dot Sew Over It 1940's tea dress. I made this a couple of years ago now but it's still a favourite, I still really love the shape and the fabric is wearing and washing well, I think this has another winter left in it.

Rosey apple Scout Spring. I'm surprised how long this has lasted considering the fabric really isn't that great but pleasingly it's still one of my easiest dresses to wear and have that lovely balance between pretty and comfy.

I think this might be one of the last outings for my dungaree dress. It's definitely a winter wardrobe staple. 

I really love this denim dress, the fabric is light enough to see me through a few more weeks of Spring and it's really versatile, I think I need to add a couple more denim dresses to my To Make list.

Since altering this top I've got so much more wear out of it. I can actually move my arms! What a revelation!

Another ScoutSpring, which I appear never to have blogged? Well, it's pretty much the same as the rosey apple version, super comfy and easy to wear.

Summers here, SUMMERS HERE! We spent today at the beach, bliss. so I had to dig out this beachy Saltspring from last summer. I got the length of this just right and the print is so cute.

Hopefully the sunshine is going to continue and I'll be able to squeeze more summer dresses into this month (although a quick glance at tomorrows weather forecast doesn't look too promising)

Oh I also stuck to my pledge and got a make in this month too, I'm dashing off to the beach agan now so I'll blog that one tomorrow!