Monday, 22 August 2016

Seersucker Saltspring.....

Bore fest, it's yet another Saltspring to add to my collection. Sorry!

I just can't resist, it's so perfect for summer at the beach and seeing as we're in the midst of an actual summer how could I not?!

Firstly the fabric; I nabbed this from someones stash bust box at work. It's multi check seersucker and seems to have been in a stash at Boden at some point.

Sadly the colour ran a little when I washed it so it now has a bit of a pink hue where it should be white but no biggy, it's still pretty, must remember to always add a colour catcher! The cotton is a really nice weight and really soft. I must say I'm loving the texture of seersucker too.

I think it verges on picnic blanket fabric so I knew I needed to be careful with the style of dress I chose, I thought a strappy sun dress would be the best, so out came the Sewaholic Saltspring.....

I had about 3 meters of this cotton which is more than enough for this pattern. I feel pretty confident with this TNT pattern now and managed to get thorough this from cutting out to trying on in under 2 hours which was very satisfying. 

I stuck with a no zip version, I just can't see why you'd need it. The bodice is self lined and I omitted the pockets. This dress is solely to throw on after work for the beach-the least faff the better. (Although on reflection...ALWAYS keep the pockets, I clearly wasn't thinking about where my ice cream money would go)

I thought I'd pattern matched but it would seem not! oh well the stripes match up just not in the right colour order.

I kept the true length of the skirt as it's pretty spot on the knee. I didn't add anything at the front for the growing bump but I doubt I'll get to wear this too many times in the coming months, so that won't matter.

I wouldn't class this as a particular "maternity make" but it's definitely maternity friendly. The elastic waist sits nicely and it;'s roomy enough to be very comfy. I suppose if you were having a spring/summer baby this would be/could be nursing friendly too what with the different strap variations you could add.

I stuck with ties, just a little shorter than usual.

Another Saltspring success. I still wear all of the versions I made last year, I think it's down to the shape and comfort of the dress especially on hot days when you don't want a whole bodice and zip situation making you feel a bit claustrophobic. I also really enjoy getting to know a pattern well and actually getting a lot of use out of it. I haven't seen many of these around blogland of late, have you tried to sew up a Saltspring I can have a nose at?

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Maternity Makes #1....The skirt.....

I've had to give up squeezing into my every day clothes and admit I have trouble breathing in most of my dresses now. I've had to put a large chunk of my wardrobe away and get on with making a few bits to see me through the next few months. The belly is real. 

After having a bit of a stress out over what I was going to be able to make to wear I've actually settled on a few things that I feel happy about and this is the first....

I made up a Megan Nielsen maternity T at the same time, I'll come back to that one in a later post.

I've wanted to get a wearing a few more skirts for a while. In the past I've knocked up a couple of fully elastic waisted numbers. I found them fine at when I first started to sew up my own clothes but as I progressed and started to sew garments with more shape and gain more experience they just felt a bit basic. Maybe it was the stiff cotton I was using, but the overall shape wasn't great and they did have a whiff of toddler wear about them. Well anyway this version is much better in my book. I read Jenny's post for this simple tutorial and knew it would be a perfect addition to the maternity wardrobe. 
I used some bird print viscose from my stash, I think left overs from this dress which was AGES ago! anyway, nice to know it's finally all used up :)

Anyways, this skirt was, as you'd expect, a real easy make. Rectanlges and a bit of elastic and gathering and you're done. Jenny's instructions are nice and clear. I really like the look of the skirt with the elastic just at the back. I made this up with measurements slightly larger than I am at the mo in the hope that this lasts a good couple of months as I expand in the waist department.

I've been wearing it with a belt but it's cute without too (probably would have benefited from a press though...)

I'm happy with my choice of length. I didn't really do anything about adding extra length to the front panel, I don't think it needs any extra length, maybe if I make another?

I'm calling this a maternity success, I've work it quite a few times already and it's still a little big so has a way to go yet. Maybe I'll get around to one more for autumn?

Thank you to everyone who left useful comments on my last post for what patterns to look at for maternity wear, you very helpful lovely people!