Thursday, 20 December 2018

December: Refashion Ringers....

2018 Make number....???? who even knows any more

Need: A few cosy bits for the small. He seems to be between sizes at the mo so making some bottoms seemed like the best way to get a good fit on those little legs.

Pattern: Of course, the cuff pants are back out, to be forever used until he literally grown out of them aged......I don't know......18?! And also giving the Brindille and Twig Ringer Tee a go. It's free!

Fabric: Both of these makes used up clothes that needed a new lease of life from mum and dads wardrobes. I used nearly every square cm of both jumpers and was able to squeeze out a top and bottoms from both. This is likely not to happen again seeing as hes very close to going into the next size up so this was very satisfying. For the jumper above I even manged to cut it in a way that incorporated the original neckline. 

Notions: Just some waist elastic for the stripey trousers as the ribbing was far too loose to stay snug. 

Thoughts: Very pleased to have given this fabric a new lease of life and now the small has some festive PJs too. I think I need to give the cuff pants a break from the blog next year, you can assume they will be ever present.
The ringer tee pattern is great. I left the waist band off the stripey version and I think I prefer it. I haven't done much refashioning this year but think it might occur a bit more regularly seeing as my budget for new fabric is relatively non existent. 

Friday, 10 August 2018

August: Saltspring top.....

2018 Make 8

Need:Want! Definitely not a need, I wanted to have a go at making my beloved Saltspring dress into a breezy top. 
I've seen a lot of Ogden cami tops on Instagram/on blogs lately. I love the style but am not buying any more patterns-I knew I could use the saltspring as a base to produce something similar. 

Pattern: Based on the Sewaholic Saltspring. Added a half lining, extended the bodice and added split seams. 
I wanted something quite long line and had seen a top similar to this ages ago (probably on Pinterest) where the back piece is much longer.

Fabric: Some more black viscose, just picked up from Fabric Land. Nice and cheap, nice and floaty and easy to use.

Notions: Just a bit of iron on interfacing used to strengthen the shoulder straps

Thoughts: I like this and will probably make a couple more next year, I might shorten the back piece slightly but I like it for this version, I love how it comes down over your bum! 

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Sewing for the small: THE bucket hat....

Ok, I know I've posted about this pattern before but I made Teddy a new little hat and it's too cute not to mention. 
It's of course another Oliver & S bucket hat. If you need a little person hat this is the pattern to use. It's super easy and is perfect for using up tiny fabric scraps 
(oh and its another free download!)

Friday, 20 July 2018

July: Simple summer skirts......

2018 Make 7

Need: An easy make to use up some stash. Something to wear to work and play to go with a huge pile of coloured vest tops!

Pattern: Self drafted elastic waist skirt. I barely even used any measurements for these two -apart from the elastic casing waist band.

Fabric: Two lots of viscose from the stash, one seaside print left over from this dress (now gone to recycling) Both good weight and quality, super delightful to sew with and lovely and breezy to wear.

Notions: 3/4 inch elastic, matching thread.

Thoughts: Oh these were very satisfying to sew up. I kept the width of each piece of fabric, so I'm not even sure what it was, I just knew it was bigger than my waist measurement so fine for a gathered skirt. I used french seams-always a good idea when using viscose as it frays so much. I did measure up the waistband for the elastic casing. Each of these took around an hour and it felt so nice to go rogue, not use any form of pattern or directions and actually get something you like and can wear out of it, I mustn't let that go to my head though......"No Zoë, you cannot make a freehand dress that wont look like a sack".......

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Sewing for the small: Sunshine shorts....

I managed to move myself away from the plethora of the cuff pants (there's been more as I'm sure you can imagine) as I found this very cute pattern for some little cotton shorts. 

By Oliver & S, these are their Sunny Day Shorts which are free to download and are available from 6m all the way up to 12 years (clearly I'll be stringing this pattern out for  literally YEARS to come)

As everyone in the UK will be well aware of it's been blimin' boiling for weeks, if not months, now and isn't really showing any signs of going away, YIPEE!!, so we're having a right old summer. Little Teddy was very much in need of some shorts, especially for nursery as all the water play see's him through at least two outfits a day. 

This pattern is great. I started off with the 12-18m which do fit fine but did look a tiny bit restrictive with all of his clambering around so I sized up to 18-24m....also then realised he is indeed 19 months old........I mean HOW?! anyways....

You know me, see pattern, try pattern, like pattern, make it a million times, so yeah, he already has four pairs with a few more cut out waiting for me to go buy some more elastic.

They really are great, I was tentative about using woven fabric for little clothes as I just want him to be as comfy as possible and not restricted in any way but the cut of these gives enough bum room for a nappy and he's had no trouble getting around in them. 

They are great for stash busting and I love how many great printsI can use-which is usually a cost issue with jersey fabric but cotton is so cheap, especially when it's off cuts you've been using...I'll really try not to twin too much with my dresses :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

June: Saltspring of sorts.....

2018 Make 6

Need: (After having a clear out*) A summer dress to throw on for the beach!

Pattern: Sewaholic Saltspring. Although after quite a bit of tweaking over the years, my version is now quite different to the original. No back split, no zip, self lined bodice and modified shoulder straps.

This pattern was so easy to alter and it's made a much more wearable item for me. Very casual and comfy and very versatile. I got rid of 3 of these, they really needed to go, they were all tatty and suncream stained, but that also means top of the list for replacing.

Fabric: Very cheap viscose from Fabric Land. I love the pattern and wanted a quick fix....this was it. Easy to sew, I made sure to use french seams and a wide hem to make sure all frayable (not even a word) edges were well hidden. I also used some iron on interfacing in the shoulder straps to reinforce the seams as I poked them right side out with a chopstick! Worked a treat :)

Just the 3/4 inch elastic for the waistband

Thoughts: Already worn and already love. I probably would prefer the skirt to be about an inch longer, I forgot to add some extra when cutting out to accommodate the need for a slightly deeper hem. I'm sure there will be another of these before the summers out. 

*So documenting my MMMay challenge went out the window after just one post BUT I did complete it. i just couldn't find the will power to write about it. Trust me that plenty of dresses went into the recycling, a few are on the mending/altering pile and the others are now in rotation but it also means I have a few gaps where new ones are needed....what a shame :)
Next year I'm sticking to Instagram.

Monday, 21 May 2018

May: Peony skirt....

2018 Make 5

Need: Simple skirt to go with a number of me made tops!

Pattern: Colette Peony

I've been pretty keen on having a denim skirt for spring/summer-something to go with a lot of tops I usually only wear with jeans. Something simple, none fussy. I don't have too many skirt patterns but plenty of dresses; I chose one of the most simple, the Colette Peony. I love the shape-although not too keen on the inseam pockets for this version so I adapted the By Hand London tutorial for side slant pockets. These are meant for the Anna but can I would have thought they be applied to pretty much any skirt pattern.

I was originally thinking of a nice bit of chambray but after a quick check in the diminished stash I found a piece of this denim left over from this dress. A little over a meter, definitely enough for a skirt, so being low on spends I thought I might as well use this up. It's quite structured so takes the A line of the Peony well. 

Notions: Exposed zip and bias bound seams

I bound all of the inside seams. I love how this looks-so tidy. I adapted a waist band from another dress pattern and used an exposed zip. I didn't do this very well-a few wonky measurements but I botched it in ok in the end....well it opens and closes so that'll do.

Thoughts: I think this turned out ok in the end. It took a bit of adjusting on the way-I stitched down the front pleats as the front wouldn't lay flat, added some top stitching to the pocket slants so they didn't pull and the zip was a bit of a botch but I've worn this a few times already so it's not all bad. It's a nice basic which I'm sure will get some good wear and it felt good to use up some more stash.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

MMMay18: Tops....

I'm starting off my sort out pledge with my me made tops.

Getting them all out the first thing I notice is how few I actually have. My me mades really have dwindled over the past year or so, I remember getting rid of a few when I put away my summer clothes last winter (can we say winter has finally gone now? please!) So these are it and this is how I've decided to sort them....


I didn't realise how old this top was, made back in 2014, minus the original collar it's lasted pretty well. Still a firm favourite, I'll wear this one until it literally starts falling apart.


Another make from way back in the day, however this one has sadly hardly been worn at all. I'm not quite sure why so I intend to get this into my wardrobe and get it worn this weekend.

This one has already gone through the adjustments needed to make it wearable, it's a good one for spring and always a gets worn, keeper.

The oldest so far, this one is right back from 2013 and still looks new. I've worn this every year and still love the print.


I really like this top but, a problem I keep coming across, the armscye is just too high and digs into my arm pit. I'm thinking of just chopping off the sleeves and making it more of a summer top, a bit more Sorbetto-ish.

Another super old Sorbetto, again this needs the arm holes lowering. Am going to remove the binding chop out around and inch and rebind.

I honestly didn't realise how many Sorbetto's I have. This one has frayed around the neck and arms, basically from poorly attached self binding. Going to try and find some shop binding to match the really dark blue.


Sleeveless Plantain

Forgot about this top, I really like the floral panel on the back but it's looking a bit tired. A little bit bobbly around the arms and the swimsuit elastic is degrading. I'm going to give this a few wears this month as a send off then it's off to the recycling bin.....but I'll make a note to remake one of these.

Plantain T shirt

Same again, just a bit old and tired, off to the bin with you!


So I think I have enough Sorbetto's to keep me going for a while, let's put that pattern to the back of the pile. I'm in need of some jersey tops but I'm tempted to add these to my rtw shopping list for now. I'm not rich on sewing time and if I want to concentrate on my 12 makes then I'm not sure these fit in. Good jersey fabric us also expensive. I would love a couple of new Plantains. Maybe I'll keep this in mind and see what fabric I can pick up this year for possible autumn/winter. 
Since having a sort out I have worn at least three of these tops this month which is pleasing, hopefully after adjusting the others I'll have most of them in rotation for the summer. 

Next up, beloved DRESSES!

Friday, 4 May 2018

April: Gingham Bonnell v2......

2018 Make 4

Need: Replacement for this dress

Pattern: Bonnell Dress

I made the gingham dress above during Me Made May 2016, so it's lasted a couple of years and MANY wears, this turned out to be good in the summer and also winter with tights. Unfortunately the bodice fabric did not fair well. It was a cheap poly cotton so it did well enough but it bobbled under the arms and just looked a bit well worn.  I really loved this though so decided I needed a refreshed version.

Fabric: I found this gorgeous gingham from Fabric Godmother. I can't find it on the website so will assume it's all gone?! It's a lovely cotton with a little bit of stretch. I love black and white gingham, but throw in some gorgeous florals too and this really makes it. I also repurposed some of the original skirt fabric for the bodice lining as I was a little short on the floral print.

Notions: Another reuse was the lace zip, originally from Berylune. Unpicked from the original bodice and as good as new.


The Bonnell is one of my TNT patterns so this all came together pretty speedy.
I'm not too sure about the skirt length, it might be just a tad too long, but literally just a cm or so. I'll leave it for the time being and see how I feel when I wear it which hopefully will be this weekend, have you seen the weather forecast?! SUMMER.
Is the pattern placement on the front a bit wrong? Did you notice the bloom on each bewb?! Oh well, too late now, blooms on the bewbs it is.
I'm counting this as part of my Me Made pledge too as an identified remake that will get as much wear as the first incarnation.

Thursday, 26 April 2018


I missed this last year, too knee deep in maternity leave, so last participated back in 2016. Over the past year or so my me made's have run pretty low, something I'm working on this year, so I've thought differently about how to  participate in this years event. My pledge goes a little something like this....

 'I, Zoë, of hellozoeb (blog and Instagram) , sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '18. I endeavour to sort through my me made wardrobe, finding gaps, finding favourites, planning remakes, mending and adjusting where needed and basically having a good old sort out to ensure I get the most from my me made wardrobe. I'll be nattering about my me made sort outs weekly on my blog.'