Tuesday, 30 January 2018

6 months....

Has it really been that long?.....as always time flies when you're having fun. Did I mean to blog sooner? No, not really, but I've missed my little tiny corner of the blog world and I've really missed all of the old time I used to put into sewing, so I'm starting to do something about that and find some of that, now well hidden, time.

I definitely had in mind that it would be the new year when I started to actively get back to more sewing. I very much NEED to do it now, not only for my sorry state of a wardrobe but for me too. 

It's a cliche but its really true that I have no idea what I used to do with all of my time before Teddy, you know apart from a lot of sewing. I felt a bit frustrated about it last year with my brain whirling away with ideas for sewing projects, really wanting to get on with it ,but just not being able to find a spare 10 minutes where I didn't feel knackered and just needed to slump on the sofa. I felt a teeny pang of jealousy seeing sewing mums on Instagram still churning out amazing stitches and wondering where the hell they get the time and the energy but then I decided to cut myself some serious slack and stop comparing. I work full time, I mum full time, I also squeeze in time for you know...other life stuff, things get busy! Now I feel that I can comfortably start to squeeze in sewing machine time too and that's exciting. 

I'm being kind to myself and not setting unobtainable goals, and I need goals-I need a list and a vague (non-stressy) deadline. I really need a whole wardrobe makeover but will be happy with one new item a month...that's realistic at the mo (If you follow my Insta you'll see I'm already 1 garment down-January complete!) So my aim for the year is 12 new items, one per month, and 12 blog posts to go with. If I manage more then great but 12 will be great (I can already see myself squeezing a few extra bits in for Teddy, but 12 for me :) and I am going to base these on a 'need' basis rather than want. Of course, like always, I want ALL the pretty dresses, but after have a good old think, I really need a few more practical items, bits for work, but also probably the odd pretty dress here and there but I really only want to make things that will be well used. 

Have you seen this planner from Seamwork? This popped into my inbox in at just the right time. I haven't used it exactly as should, but it's been really useful for me to put a bit of a sewing plan of action in place and think about each item a bit more carefully-what fabric/what is it for/do I really NEED that cat print dress (always yes-I'm sure I can wear that at work) It's half full of ideas for my next few makes and I'm sure I'll end up filling it with all 12 ideas as I go. I'm also plan to make better fabric choices and get some real life out of these garments. So that's that, I feel better for writing down this plan already and am looking forward to sneaking in half hour sewing sessions here and there.