Thursday, 26 April 2018


I missed this last year, too knee deep in maternity leave, so last participated back in 2016. Over the past year or so my me made's have run pretty low, something I'm working on this year, so I've thought differently about how to  participate in this years event. My pledge goes a little something like this....

 'I, ZoĆ«, of hellozoeb (blog and Instagram) , sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '18. I endeavour to sort through my me made wardrobe, finding gaps, finding favourites, planning remakes, mending and adjusting where needed and basically having a good old sort out to ensure I get the most from my me made wardrobe. I'll be nattering about my me made sort outs weekly on my blog.'

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Sewing for the small: More of the same...


Well this was inevitable...more cuff pants for the little. Don't worry I won't post another 10+ blog updates about these this yea,r although I'm quite sure they will be a new pair at least once a month. 

Both of these fabrics were picked up from eBay. I couldn't resist the little monsters and I picked the yellow as I had some matching rib in my stash for the cuffs. It's got the softest fleece back which makes it perfect for this time of year, they're still nice and cosy for little legs now the foot muff has come off the pushchair.

Both whipped up in an evening. I am now aware that I could do with buying some more appropriate pattern weights....

At the moment I can easily make two pairs out of half a meter of fabric, I'm hoping he doesn't grow upwards too quickly now, although once I start having to buy a whole meter I suppose I'll be able to get something out of it for me too....or maybe I will have branched out to making a matching sweatshirt for him by then? 

There's so many cute patterns on the Brindille & Twig site, loving this simple sweatshirt and wouldn't mind this flutter sleeve top for myself actually.

Any more children's patterns I could be checking out? would appreciate recommendations!

Friday, 6 April 2018

March: Scout tweak....

2018 Make 3

Need: Every day tops to wear with jeans

I've run off quite a few Scout's in the past. It's one of my TNT patterns but I have felt the need to give it a good "sort out" for a while. I can't find my digital copy at all, no idea where it's vanished to, so I just have my old printed version which has a lot of scribbles and cuts and folds and notes, along with a load of altered versions on tracing paper too. To be honest I'm not even sure what works and what doesn't in that pile any more. There's collars and key holes and all sorts going on. So I decided to throw it all away and start again!

I took the original print out and toiled it as was. The size was pretty much fine but the arms needed adjusting. I have always found the sleeves just a little bit restricting and that they sit a bit too far up in my arm pit. I've lowered these before (you can see the scribbles on the pattern above) but this time I marked the toile and cut them to a more comfortable 1 inch lower- I adjusted the sleeve to add the extra width and this has given me a much more comfortable fit.

Next up I added a bit of extra length to the front and back bodice, about an inch, and for a little design feature I added split side seams. this works well with the Scout as the back is a little longer than the front, usually the sides scoop around but I like how this separates the two lengths.

I'm much happier with this length, especially at the back. You can see here the room in the sleeves too, they actually look a bit giant but I'll overlook that for the comfort :)

Fabric: 1m polka dot viscose (same as here!)

 This fabric was left over from my last dress. Not much more to say about it, obviously I love polka dots.


Pleased I took a bit of time to sort this pattern out, it's nice to know I can probably run these off pretty quickly now and be sure that they're going to fit nicely at the end. I'd like to go back  to the pattern and add a long sleeve and possibly look at another peplum version like this gingham one.

I don't think my wardrobe will ever be without a Scout!